Wednesday, March 09, 2016

About Painting a Portrait of Maureen

February 9th 2016.
When a very ambitious young amateur artist I thought nothing of attempting to copy pictures painted by the likes of, Leonardo, Rembrandt, Constable, Van Gogh, Monet, Paul Henry and of course the wonderful, Renoir, seen above. 'Maternity'.
Nowadays I am far more likely to be found portraying famous Irish landscapes and seascapes.
Always a frustrating pastime but often rewarding as more than 600 works of mine have been sold.
Today...or tomorrow I hope to start a portrait of Maureen.
Very sadly Maureen passed away last September and I am still reeling from the blow. We were married for almost 56 years. She was, the love of my life.
I painted Maureen many decades ago and the picture can only be found on an old photograph of my son, John it can bee seen over his shoulder on the snap
. The portrait of Maureen was hung on the wall of our last home in the UK for many years.