Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Welcome my twitter followers. Ireland's Part in the Elvis Presley Story.

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Would this make a good movie?

This is a bronze statue of "Elvis at 13" years old, by gifted sculptor Michiel Vander Sommen, which is located close to the little house where Elvis Presley was born  in Tupelo Mississippi. It was unveiled August 2002.

In 2002 a statue of 'Elvis at 13' was unveiled by gifted sculptor, Michiel Vander Sommen, following my letter to the Mayor of Tupelo at the time Larry K Otis suggesting a statue of Elvis as a boy would be good for tourism to the city.

It has been a great success and gives Ireland a nice little part in the Elvis Presley story.

2017 will be the 40th Anniversary of Elvis's death and the commemorations in the world's media will be momentous!

Spoke about Elvis to Marian Finucane on RTE1 Radio recently.

This story and all the unbelievable but true stories that go with it, including mail from Elvis co-stars , Dolores Hart and Anne Helm,a stay in a Memphis penthouse with his cousin,  Resolution from the city of Tupelo, a meeting in Dublin with Scotty Moore, and the letters from Graceland dated 1961, plus messages from the Duchess of Devonshire about Elvis, would  make a fascinating TV or Radio Documentary.

Or do I need a Ghost writer?