Monday, November 18, 2013

Discovering Ireland.

Update 29th March 2015.
7th June 2014.
My wife Maureen and I
placed the Irish tricolour in the hand of the bronze statue of 'Elvis at 13' recently because the idea of portraying Elvis as a boy came all the way from Ireland to Tupelo Mississippi via snail mail to the Mayor, Larry K Otis, in 2001. He wasted no time and the statue was unveiled on Elvis's birthday the 8th of January, 2002.  A story in search of a Documentary maker. Where's RTE!  Or Any adventurous folk willing to take on an extraordinary Elvis Presley saga. Yes saga!

Kate Bush on the cover of Classic Pop magazine, 10 page coverage of her astonishing career in music.

Whytes Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia catalogue now available online. Hard copies at their premises.

A Kate Bush letter to me is included, plus some of my Elvis related photos from movie stars.

 The proposed Tupelo Elvis Trail is a most welcome development.

#News Update June 2014.

For Los Angeles Times readers, Kate Bush, below.
Below, Elvis wearing green in 1956.
Elvis on the cover of Vintage Rock magazine this month. 60th Anniversary 10 page feature.
PRISCILLA PRESLEY visit's Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo MS last Saturday and looks upon the statue of "Elvis at 13", by sculptor Michiel Van der Sommen, from an idea first proposed by an Elvis fan in Ireland! Priscilla received a miniature version of the statue as a gift.
Story in the Washington Post and travelling around the world.

The sculptor mentioned above, has included the photo of Priscilla with his statue of Elvis, on his website!
Richard Dawkins a huge fan of Elvis's Gospel music in his teens! The book is a fascinating look back on his extraordinary life.
Marilyn Mason dancing with Elvis.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Mary Tyler Moore.

Sent from her office in New York more than ten years ago.
She starred in Elvis Presley's last film, Change of Habit, as a Nun!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kate Bush and Elvis Presley..

Kate bush is in the news! March 21st 2014.
A photo of Kate Bush signed top left but a little sun faded. It came with a typed and signed letter from Kate in reply to a letter from me in 1984.
What an astounding artist she is.
Her tribute to Elvis Presley, the song, 'King of the Mountain', came as a great and most welcome surprise.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Discovering Ireland.

Doolin harbour county Clare Ireland. Irish music, great food, and lively conversations with people from all over the world makes Doolin a place of special interest to tourists that appreciate absolutely beautiful scenery and ancient prehistoric monuments and stone forts.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knocknarea County Sligo Ireland.

Update July 11th 2013. Finally made the difficult climb (For this senior citizen) up to Queen Maeve's Tomb on Knocknarea last Saturday.
Spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and Atlantic ocean.

Ancient Queen Maeve's tomb is located atop 327 metres high Knocknarea it dominates the area from afar.
Horse shoe valley north of Glencar. A quiet and peaceful place. Especially in the evening.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Discovering Ireland.

UPDATE. 13th June 2013. Was in Galway, Connemara, Achill island, Roscommon, Sligo,  leitrim and Wicklow recently.  The beautiful weather drew us. Now back to Guerilla gardening as the rain helps the flowers and plants to flourish in Swords 'Botanic' gardens.  :-)
Howth harbour county Dublin Ireland. 12th of April 2013. The small island in the background is Ireland's eye. It has a 'tear', and a Martello tower.
Maureen my wife on Howth pier with Ireland's eye island in the background. 12th April 2013.
Martello tower on Ireland's eye, island. From Howth pier.,

Monday, April 08, 2013

Guerilla Gardening 2013.

Wildflowers are fairly easy to grow and many are self propagating which means you can collect the seeds at the end of the flowering season and multiply your collection year by year. Cornflowers, pot marigolds, nasturtiums and poppies etc., make a colourful display in no time at all.

Guerilla gardening enhances your local environment and keeps you fit for free! :-)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Letters From Graceland 1961.

This article appeared in The News of the World, 1997. In the UK and Ireland. 4.5 million copies were sold at that time.
The story continued in The Irish Times and on RTE1 Radio. 
It lead to my wife and I winning a trip to Graceland. An invitation to The International Conference on Elvis Presley at Mississippi University 1999, a weeks stay in Memphis as a guest of an Elvis cousin 2002, Then a statue of Elvis in Tupelo Mississippi 2003, involvement in the 'My Happiness' and Ed Leek story 2010, and sale of 'That's All Right', by Whyte's auctioneers in Dublin recently!

There is a lot more but you would just not believe it!

Film script writers and TV documentary makers would be most welcome.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Sand dunes at Malahide county Dublin Ireland. Last weekend.

Discovering Ireland is again on the cards as the sunshine has arrived here in Ireland
Howth county Dublin as seen from Malahide.

Where my wife Maureen and I live. Swords county Dublin Ireland, ancient Round Tower. Hundreds of years old.
Swords  Round Tower

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Extraordinary Elvis Presley Related Story.

Back in early January 1997 I sent copies of handwritten letters my wife Maureen and I had received from Graceland in 1961, to Pat Kenny on RTE1 Radio. Pat read out the letters that had been authenticated by Sothebys Auctioneers of London, UK., on Elvis Presley's birthday the 8th January 1997. That year was the 20th anniversary of Elvis's tragic death, a landmark time to, at last, release the story to the media. The song "His Latest Flame", by Elvis was played that morning. It was the first ever publicity for the letters from Elvis. A great deal of newspaper coverage followed, notably The Irish Times, and, The News of the World, in the UK., and Ireland. Tells and illustrates a portion of the story.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Janos (Joannes, John) De Tahy (1865-1928) Hungarian born artist. Famous for his allegorical paintings depicting the great composers. His paintings were very popular in the USA, where he lived. The print above is an example. I love the idea of a flute playing nymph seducing Beethoven. :-) As the owner of the New York print, I welcome comments and information about the artist.