Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Extraordinary Elvis Presley Related Story.

Back in early January 1997 I sent copies of handwritten letters my wife Maureen and I had received from Graceland in 1961, to Pat Kenny on RTE1 Radio. Pat read out the letters that had been authenticated by Sothebys Auctioneers of London, UK., on Elvis Presley's birthday the 8th January 1997. That year was the 20th anniversary of Elvis's tragic death, a landmark time to, at last, release the story to the media. The song "His Latest Flame", by Elvis was played that morning. It was the first ever publicity for the letters from Elvis. A great deal of newspaper coverage followed, notably The Irish Times, and, The News of the World, in the UK., and Ireland. Tells and illustrates a portion of the story.